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We operate under the radar as the go to team.
A piece of the backbone for marketing agencies, small, and large businesses alike. We help build creative solutions for every possible design and development project.

Randy Hadzor

Designer, Illustrator++

He's a big head scruffy beard athlete who pushes around a pencil making your brand come to life. Give him an inch and he'll build you a fence.

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randy [at]
varietystudios [dot]

Marcus Lewis

Web Developer, Photographer++

He thinks he never has a clue about what he's doing, or talking about, but by clicking some magic buttons he'll deliver you a 360° solution to all your projects.

Say Hola, I'll send some cookies

marcus [at]
varietystudios [dot]

Designer & Illustrator at Variety Studios, Syracuse based design company Web Developer & Photographer at Variety Studios, Syracuse based design company

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contact [at] varietystudios [dot] com

Hey Guys!
This is , working with / for . I stumbled onto your website by ways of . Thought I’d quickly reach out, see if you were interested in working on this cool new creative porject we got going on. It's geared towards . We think Variety Studios is the design agency we've been looking for and we're excited to have the opportunity to work with you!

Would be great to discuss more about this project, if you have some time. Contact me direction by email , or phone so I can go over in more detail what we’re looking to accomplish.